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We bring the right people together to challenge established
thinking and drive transformation.


We Innovate

We innovate systematically, continuously
and successfully.



Performance is about solving problems
and building business.


A Self Service

We are a full service business
solutions provider.


Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning is the process of documenting and establishing a direction

Finance & Restructuring

Our Corporate Finance and Restructuring practice, a trusted partner to companies

Estate Planning

Your estate is comprised of everything you own— your car, home, other real estate

Audit & Evaluation

An Audit is the evaluation of a person, organization, project, product or primarily

Taxes & Efficiency

Tax efficiency minimizes the cost of complying with the tax code by reducing its administrative

Consumer Markets

The consumer market comprises of those people who are the end-users and they don’t resell the product


Plan for your future and grow your wealth with our investment-linked plans and investment-linked funds


The trend in business to simplify and integrate all forms of communications

Financial Services

We focus on the future of financial services, helping clients shape their businesses and execute strategies.

Company Incorporation

You got your Company accounts ready and business is up and running. What other compliances that the Company needs to be aware of?

Our comprehensive company secretarial service provides clients with the ability to deal with the duties required under the Companies Act 2016 whilst assisting in the performance of those duties. We offer the complete package of services to private limited companies.

From incorporation and regulatory reporting to corporate advisory, we help companies big and small handle their legal compliance with our corporate secretarial services. Whether you are a startup, growing private company or a multi-national firm looking to establish your presence in Malaysia and abroad, we can help to get your business started right.

Why ETL Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

In a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever.

ETL’s Assurance professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients to navigate change, bolster investor confidence, and strengthen the value of their businesses.

What we believe in…

Our aim is to use our unique experiences and expertise gained over a period of time with our own insights derived from the experience. We are passionate about supporting our clients in achieving their business goals and targets. Using these invaluable insights, we want to deliver quality solutions to increase our client’s productivity.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple enough. To unearth the magic behind the numbers of organizations big and small using ratio analysis and make meaningful decisions to boost up their performance. Our passion drives us forward.


Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize the resources with accurate workable plans that deliver results. We know resources are scarce and the only way we can maximize efficiency is to employ better methods of production and execution.

Our Services

ETL Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd. is your one-stop partner for incorporating and operating your business in Malaysia, just as it has been for several thousand small and medium-sized businesses. We provide an experienced team of qualified accountants, company secretaries, tax consultants, and immigration experts who are intimately familiar with Malaysia’s regulatory framework.

Audit & Assurance

An efficient and effective audit is a pillar of strength to the company and creates credibility which will attract investment and business.


Decision making is the critical part of a business and a good decision can only be taken, if you have considered the tax implications.

Corporate Advisory

We can assist Boards fulfil their obligations under Code of Corporate Governance Princple 11 – Risk Management and Internal Controls

Business Process Outsourcing

ETL Corporate Advisory is one of the leading companies and aims to be Top Advisory Firms that provide Business Advisory Services in Malaysia.

Collaboration Partners




Recognition & Awards

Mon – Fri 08:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m
Sat – Sun – CLOSED

010-249 8838 (comsec)
013-488 3283 (Tax)
019-238 2219 (Audit)